Welcome to the COCE Resources Page. The four buttons below, Archived Trainings, Documents, Upcoming Trainings, and Convening, will lead you to a collection of tools, webinars, and templates that have been put together to make your civic engagement campaigns even more effective.

Throughout the year, we will be continuing to research and publish an updated list of webinars being put on by leaders in the Civic Engagement universe. Occasionally, we will even host webinars ourselves. You are able to find the list of webinars under "Upcoming Trainings". Recordings of past webinar trainings can be found under "Archived Trainings".

Lastly, COCE has a large collection of documents that we think will be a great benefit to your civic engagement programs.  These documents have all be tested and used in the field on civic engagement campaigns. Documents are broken into four categories, Best Practices & Field Guides, Literature and Mail Templates, Tools for in the Field, and Studies & White Papers.

If you have a request for a webinar or document, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know through our "Contact Us" page, and we will work to put something together.