Annual Civic Engagement Organizer Training




COCE is incredibly excited to host our eighth (almost annual) New and Intermediate Organizer Training in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan! Sign up now to learn the tools and knowledge you need for civic engagement programs during this crucial election cycle through a hands-on simulation, training and activities. 

We want to share a sneak peak of some of the topics covered during this 4.5 day hands on training, for both the New Organizer and Intermediate Organizer Tracks.

Some sessions in the New Organizer training include:

  • How to build your campaign office
  • Utilizing Social Media
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Management
  • Digital Organizing
  • VAN 101
  • Canvassing
  • Script Writing
  • Running a Phone Bank
  • Youth Organizing
  • and labs for many of these topics!

This will also be the second year that we will have an intermediate track! Some sessions we will cover include:

  • Year-round strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Leadership Development
  • Health and safety
  • Setting up a canvass/phone bank
  • VAN 202, and more!

We have taken your feedback and made this track an immersive simulation, with intermediate organizers learning by working on year-round plans, so sign up here!

Besides these exciting sessions, we will also take time to network, have electives, and extend sessions based on responses from 2023.  


Read what Sarah Silva from CAPI USA had to say:

"Participating in [COCE's organizer training] was pivotal in honing my skills as a civic engagement organizer. Equipped with invaluable knowledge and community engagement methodologies, I returned to my home state of Minnesota empowered to make a tangible difference. Implementing the strategies learned during the training, I engaged with communities, fostered meaningful connections, and spearheaded initiatives aimed at driving positive change.

The experience solidified my commitment to civic engagement and amplified my effectiveness in educating and mobilizing the community to vote. One of the highlights of the training...was delving into the rich tapestry of diverse organizations scattered across the United States. Exploring the different perspectives not only expanded my network but also offered invaluable insights into the multifaceted challenges that various groups encounter in fostering solidarity for large-scale change. Witnessing the boundless creativity showcased during the project presentations was equally inspiring. It underscored a refreshing and modern approach to civic engagement, reminding me of the endless possibilities when passion and innovation intersect in pursuit of a common goal."

And here's what Fatima-Iram Din of APIAVote Michigan said:

“I got to ... delve in...with interactive learning that is engaging, hands-on, and like doing the work [itself]. There were some things that I got to see and do for the first time at COCE’s training and learn from different perspectives, which was awesome. [Learning with] somebody from the same state is very different [than getting] perspectives from the people from all over the nation.”

If any of these testimonial inspire you to join us, the training will begin in the afternoon of Monday, June 24th and wrap up mid-day on Friday, June 28th. There are still spots available! The price of $1,600 per person which includes a hotel room for 4 nights, all meals, transportation to and from the airport, the cost of the training, and some extracurricular fun activities. Attendees are expected to pay for their own airfare if traveling from out of state. You do not want to miss out!


Here's what Saundra Mitrovich of National Congress of American Indians had to say:

It was great to come in person and connect with folks, both like minded, and those with similar strategies or learning new strategies. And then also just really running through sequencing of different things that we're thinking about wanting to do but aren't quite sure, you know, work in a region or an area that was extremely helpful and just having this think tank. Because just having those really thoughtful partners to be able to share that information with is really empowering. And so I appreciate COCE because of that. John and the team are bringing together our native coalition members as well, and it has been really helpful just to be able to convene together and find space with each other. It's been really fruitful.” - Saundra Mitrovich, National Congress of American Indians (Attendee, Intermediate Track)
Hear from Trainer, Eryn Wilson Nieves: 
“For me, being a person who came in as a trainee and now being one of the trainers I was hyper-focused on San Diego. COCE has provided me with the context of what's happening across the United States and being able to connect with people who have these similar values and connection to this work. Building those relationships to be able to say if you ever need me to step in, I can do it. It has been such a value add in me doing this work and figuring out different ways to do the work because I'm hearing from folks who are living in different areas who have come up with different ways or who are doing some things for the first time. Even as a trainer, I am constantly learning.” - Eryn Wilson Nieves, San Diego Black Worker Center (Trainer)
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