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Voter Contact and Volunteer Recruitment

A guide to the best practices of recruiting volunteers and talking with voters. 

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10 Skills All Organizers and Fundraisers Have in Common

These 10 skills are shared by the most successful political fundraisers and organizers. 

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Sample Pledge Card 2

A sample pledge card to see who you can count on on election day!

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Sample GOTV Mailer 2

An example of a GOTV mailer.

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Sample Early Voting Mailer

An example of an early voting educational mailer

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Sample Pledge Card

A great example of a pledge card to be mailed or handed out.

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Sample GOTV flyer

Sample flyer advertising community events leading up to the election.

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Volunteer Recruitment and Retention recording

Learn the best ways to recruit volunteers and keep them around.

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Rock The Vote: Online Registration Tool

An overview on using the RTV online tool

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