Retaining Your Volunteer and Paid Canvassers Webinar 11/18/21

Canvassing plays a crucial role in turning out voters on issues that matter most. As we prepare for the 2022 elections, it will be important to retain canvassers and volunteers and get a head start building your organizing team while we still have time. This webinar will cover retention tactics and strategies for existing canvassers, relational tools to build your base, how to bring in old canvassers to bolster new canvass recruitment, and the importance of canvassing in 2022. Organizers looking to build on current canvassing programs and revamp operations should attend. 


  • Eric Jeng, Asian Community Development Council
  • Bassam Kawar, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
  • John Miyasato, Center on Civic Engagement




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