Redistricting Webinar Series for Organizers DAY 2



HOMEWORK FOR DAY 3: Apply the skills you learned from Day 2 to the Districts/COI maps you brought with you. We ask organizers to spend at least 30 minutes mapping their communities of interest and prepare to report out to your group during breakout on Day 3. Each organizer is expected to share with their breakout group. Come prepared to answer the following:

  • Are you able to define your community maps? How did you come to this definition (community canvassing, data, etx)?
  • What process did you use to draw your community maps? Who was involved in that process?
  • What are the next steps now that you have your COI maps?


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Group C: 

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General Overview: 

Mapping Community of Interest Boundaries: 



Sue Van, Wallace H. Coulter Foundation

Howard Shih, Asian American Federation

Liz Ouyang, APA Voice Redistricting Task Force 

Jerry Vattamala, AALDEF


Webinar Chat: 


Video Recordings: 

General Overview: 14:56- 53.36

Question and Answer on Analyzing our Districts and Using Data: 53:46- 1:13:42

Breakout Groups: Analyzing your own Districts: 1:13:43- 1:15:32 - 1:36:53- 1:58:09

Mapping COI Boundaries: 1:58:40- 2:35:28

Lab Report Back and Homework Review for Next Session: 2:43:00- 2:45:29 and 3:26:57- 3:49:09