Redistricting Webinar Series for Organizers DAY 1



HOMEWORK FOR DAY 2: Apply the skills you learned from Day 1 to the Districts/COI maps you brought with you. We ask organizers spend at least 30 minutes analyising their current districts to report out to your group during breakout on Day 2. Each organizer is expected to share with their breakout group. Come prepared to answer the following:

- Who is your community of interest
- What level of mapping are you focused on
- How is your community gerrymandered
- Where is your state at with the current redistricting process
- What are your goals to protect your community of interest


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General Overview:

Lay of the Land / What is the Work Ahead:

Defining our Communities:

COIs and Analyzing Data:


Sue Van, Wallace H. Coulter Foundation

James Hong

Chris Wilson, Alliance San Diego

Howard Shih, Asian American Federation


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Lay of the Land / What is the Work Ahead: 


Defining our Communities: 


COIs and Analyzing Data: 


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