Getting Credit for your Work: Strategic Communications for Civic Engagement


When you combine strategic communication and civic engagement, you are not only able to build a movement, but also share your story with a wider audience. This webinar will go over strategy beyond your basic social media posts by highlighting how a proactive communications plan can play an essential role in bringing attention to and support for the work you are doing for the community.

July 27, 2017 at 3:00pm - 4pm
Katie Simon
Frederick Pinguel Jessica Jinn Vida Lin Michelle Boykins Melissa Taveras Raquel Andersen Thomas Kennedy Manuel Beltrán Delgado Ramona Casas Fermin Vasquez Christa Yoakum Mohammed Rahman Vincent Wang Yen Hsieh Geraldine Alcid Sherri Peak Margo Arnold Karin Wang Aj Titong Yee Chang Belinda Escalante Tori Wolfe-Sisson Brandon Lee Selina martinez Alexandria Wheeler

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