Power Building Webinar Series Part 1 - Information Gathering 06/22/2021


Part 1 of the three-part Power Building Webinar Series focused on the power of ID'ing and information gathering. Building on the existing skills organizers bring to the table, this webinar went in-depth on what it takes to run a more effective and compelling campaign, especially as many groups gear up for a big election year in 2022. 

Organizers hoping to strengthen their advocacy and power building skills to create a stronger GOTV operation were encouraged to attend. 

This webinar focused on why we information gather, what it takes to run an ID'ing program, how to identify the issues and form the questions, how to collect good data, and how to analyze the data for impact.  


  • Bassem Kawar, Political Director, ICIRR
  • Sookyung Oh, Virginia Director, NAKASEC VA
  • Fatima Flores, Political Director, CHIRLA 



  1. Overview by John Miyasato 
  2. Field Study in IL by Bassem Kawar
  3. Identifying the Issue and Questions by Sookyung Oh
  4. Collecting and Analyzing Data by Fatima Flores


  • Welcomes and Introductions

  • Program and Presentations

Voting Rights and Restrictions Webinar 05/06/21


This webinar provided attendees with a space to discuss the increase of restrictive voting bills have been introduced at the state level, and how organizers play a key role in the policy-advocacy front to prevent restrictive voting bills from being passed that negatively impact BIPOC communities and voter turnout.


  • Hannah Howell, Civic Engagement Program Manager, One Arizona
  • Quynh Nguyen, Election Protection Program Coordinator, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta

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