Resources from Ways to Educate and Engage our Communities Webinar


This session focused on the importance of educating and engaging our communities in different strategies and settings. By layering the tactics we learned in our first session, organizers can identify the issues that matter most to our community, and use those outcomes for education and engagement to build power in preparation for the 2021 and 2022 elections cycles.


  • John Keller, Relational Organizing, Michigan United
  • Susan Matthews, Lead Deep Canvass Organizer, Michigan United
  • Karen Chen, Executive Director, Chinese Progressive Association- Boston
  • Pratik Dash, Civic Engagement Director, Tennessee Immigrant Refugee Rights Coalition 



  1. Overview by John Miyasato 
  2. One on One: Relational Organizing and Deep Canvass by John Keller and Susan Matthews
  3. Direct Action: Different Ways to Involve People by Karen Chen
  4. Mass Organizing: Educating and Organizing Communities on a Massive Scale by Pratik Dash


Program and Presentations

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